Chengdu Xingye Leian Electronic Co., Ltd., founded in 1998 with capital of 3.8 million US dollar, is a manufacturer and solution provider in lightning protection.
        For over 20 years, we have been proud of providing lightning protection solutions and surge protective devices for buildings, telecom base stations, airports, data centers, petrol stations, surveillance systems, power supply systems, etc.

1995 Leian electronic institute of Chengdu Xingye Co., Ltd.
1997 High performance lightning arrester developed and adopted in communication equipment through Huawei technologies company
1998 Chengdu Xingye Leian Electronic Co., Ltd. established
1999 ISO9000 and Great Wall safety certificate acquired
2000 Member of Lightning protection committee of China meteorological standardization technical committee
2002 Leian took the lead in China in developing matrix, multi-chip power supply lightning protection solution with automatic fault removal function successfully
2003 High-tech enterprise certificate awarded
2004 Vendor of UT starcom
2005 Vendor of ZTE
2006 Products exported to southeast Asian 
2007 Provide products in application of 4G mobile telecommunications and WLAN protection
2013- Certified vendor for Nation Defense Related projects