DC Power Distribution Unit LAPX20 D48B-8A is suitable to indoor low voltage DC power contribution system. Mounted in a rack cabinet and connected between the -48V DC power supply and the protected equipment, it can protect the equipment from surge and instantaneous over voltage caused by the outside environment (lightning, electromagnetic radiation interference, etc.) or by the internal subsystems (switching effect, start and stop operation of inductive and capacitive loads), it is a Class C drawer type surge protector for DC power distribution with the following features.
- 19 inch 1U rack installation;
- 1 input and 8 outputs;
- Circuit breaker for each output ,can disconnect the circuit when fault or overload happens;
- Easy connection for inputs and outputs wiring;
- Insulation of output connectors;
- Large current discharge capability and low residual voltage;
- Remote signal alarm connectors 
- LED indicator lamp